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Anuket develops open reference infrastructure models, architectures, tools, and programs. Within the project, these artifacts are generally classified as: Reference Model, Reference Architectures, and Reference Implementations.

Reference Model

The reference model approach allows operators and vendors to work from a single point of reference on how to build infrastructure to support VNFs and CNFs. The documentation produced in Anuket becomes the base for the reference architectures, code, implementation frameworks, other downstream documentation and is what the GSMA publishes after additional vetting in their NG PRD (Permanent Reference Document).

Reference Architectures

Based on the reference model — reference architectures provide a common language and set of platform architectures to be leveraged across the entire telecom industry. This allows network operators to focus on building the solutions they need to compete in the marketplace on the basis of their services, not on the platforms and applications that do not deliver direct value to them or their customers.

  • RA-1: This CNTT Reference Architecture (RA-1) provdies an OpenStack distribution agnostic reference architecture that includes the Network Function Virtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM).
  • RA-2: This Reference Architecture for Kubernetes describes the high level system components and their interactions, taking the goals and requirements of the Reference Model and mapping them to real-world Kubernetes (and related) components.

Reference Implementations

Flowing out of the reference model and architectures, the reference implementations demonstrate the practicality of reference architectures and enable the development of testing, conformance, and performance benchmarking frameworks. Infrastructure vendors benefit from validating their infrastructure in conformance with common references that can be tested and verified. Network application vendors can better service operator customers by focusing on value-added differentiators rather than supporting multiple, proprietary underlying infrastructures.

Testing and Conformance Frameworks

Testing is at the heart of all high-quality software. Anuket provides a significant suite of testing tools that address both functional conformance and performance issues based on requirements laid out by end users. These tools are freely available for use with commercial products as well. In addition, these tools form the heart of compliance and verification programs that enable both operators and vendors to “shift left” their in-house testing to the Anuket program, further strengthening the shared foundation of infrastructure software.

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