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Anuket Mission: Empower the global communications community to deliver reliable and secure network services faster.

The telecom industry is in the process of remaking itself as it rolls out 5G and other innovative new services. Cloud native applications, standardized infrastructure for network functions, and edge architectures are all needed to support these initiatives. Anuket, formed out of OPNFV and the Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), is the transformative organization needed to create a common understanding and new capability for infrastructures across the telecom industry and to plot our collective future. To further amplify its mission, Anuket works in partnership with GSMA and other standards bodies; open source communities including CNCF, ONAP, and the Open Infrastructure Foundation; and industry-leading network operators and NFVI/VNF suppliers, in a truly global and collaborative effort.

The Anuket project, part of LF Networking, was created to enable members from the communications communities, operators and supporting companies alike, to mutually develop reference models, standardized reference infrastructure specifications and conformance and performance frameworks for virtualized and cloud native network functions and workloads, enabling faster and more robust onboarding into production, with the goal of reducing costs and accelerating telecom digital transformation. Anuket addresses a wide range of use cases from Core all the way to the Edge. Anuket artifacts include integrated, tested, and validated open software reference infrastructure used to design a conformance framework and verification program.

Leveraging a common infrastructure and participating in a global, open source community and ecosystem is the future of network transformation. We encourage you to learn more and get started today

Anuket Launch Videos