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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anuket?

Anuket, formed out of OPNFV and the Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), is the transformative organization needed to create a common understanding and new capability for infrastructures across the telecom industry and to plot our collective future. To further amplify its mission, Anuket works in partnership with GSMA and other standards bodies; open source communities including CNCF, ONAP, and OpenStack; and industry-leading network operators and NFVI/VNF suppliers, in a truly global and collaborative effort. Learn more.

What does Anuket mean?

Anuket was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the Nile River. Anuket oversaw the abundance  of the lands near the river and was recognized as the great nourisher of fields through the annual flooding of the Nile that deposited the heavy layer of black silt that served to fertilize the crops that nourished a people and allowed the rise of civilization. Anuket is pronounced “Ah-NEW-keht“. Learn the brand story.

What will happen to OPNFV & CNTT?

The existing projects and work streams will be integrated into the new organization. OPNFV and CNTT have combined their Technical Steering Committees (TSCs) into one common governance body under a single legal charter, and are aligning their release processes, toolchains, and market outreach. 

How is the GSMA involved?

As a key partner of the Anuket project, GSMA will continue to publish the Reference Model. The strategic partnership between Anuket and the GSMA unites the worldwide operator base with strong technical innovation to enable robust 5G and future network deployments.

How does Anuket work with ONAP?

Anuket is the premier open source organization focused on network cloud technologies and ONAP is the premier open source organization focused on network operator service orchestration and back office integration. Together they provide two key aspects for the next generation of network services and enjoy a close and collaborative relationship.

How does Anuket work with CNCF?

Cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes are key to the ongoing evolution of operator networks. Anuket and CNCF will collaborate on the Anuket R2 workstream and CNCF CNF initiatives. Their common goal is to provide foundational infrastructure that fully embodies cloud native principles and the needs of global communications networks. Working in collaboration with the CNCF Telcom User Group and CNF Working Group, Anuket is working to launch a CNF Badge (based on RA-2) and the program will be rebranded in 1H2021.

Do I have to be an LFN member to participate in Anuket?

No, technical contributions to open source projects in LFN or any Linux Foundation initiative do not require membership. Organizations join LFN as members because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of open source networking across the industry and sustain the open source projects within LFN. Learn more about joining LFN.

Why should I participate in Anuket?

The rapid roll-out and monetization of new network services depends on solid, interoperable, and well-tested infrastructure. Participation in Anuket will impact the global communications networks of today and tomorrow and influence all those who connect to it.

How can I get started with Anuket?

Learn more about getting started with any LFN project. See the Anuket Wiki for a calendar of standing meetings and more.

What about the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP)?

Compliance and verification are at the heart of Anuket’s value. Taking into account the requirements codified through the Reference Architecture and Reference Conformance specification and the test frameworks and test suites implementing those requirements. Working in collaboration with the CNCF Telcom User Group and CNF Working Group, Anuket is working to launch a CNF Badge (based on RA-2) and the program will be rebranded in 1H2021. Learn more and view the verification roadmap.

What’s Next for Anuket?

Initial work will focus on melding the two organizations processes, release output, and tooling to create a strong, integrated organization. Technical focus areas for 2021 include work on hardware abstraction, cloud native implementation and testing, and re-energized conformance work. Anuket will also issue its first official update since the merger, titled Elbrus, in the coming weeks. Elbrus represents the culmination of recent CNTT work items including Infrastructure Automation and Observability and hardware abstraction and management. This work will continue to drive implementation and testing project code in future Anuket releases. 

Where can I learn more and stay up to date?