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Anuket Assured is an open source, community-led compliance and verification resource to demonstrate the readiness and availability of commercial cloud native and virtualized products and services.  The scope of the compliance program includes verification of NFV based infrastructure, Cloud Native Infrastructure, VNF and CNF workloads, using Anuket and ONAP network management and orchestration components. The goal is to enable an industry effort focused on end-to-end system validation and interoperability integration through all parts of the stack.

The Anuket and ONAP communities — with direct involvement from major Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and other end users — have now joined forces to enable infrastructure and workload conformance testing. Anuket Assured is the first of its kind to combine automated compliance and verification testing for cloud native and virtualized stacks (VNFs and CNFs), allowing participants to establish baseline conformance and interoperability with their commercial offerings.  Anuket Assured is overseen by the LF Networking Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC). Participation is open to all, but compliance and verification badge recipients must be members of LF Networking.

Learn more and get started on the LF Networking website here.