The Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT) was formed under LF Networking (LFN) to integrate work in tandem with its testing and integration project, OPNFV. LFN, also incorporating VNF testing requirements from ONAP, launched the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) in 2019. OVP is an open source, community-led compliance and verification program to demonstrate the readiness and availability of commercial NFV products and services, including NFVI and VNFs. Graduating participants earn badges for verified Infrastructure (NFVI), and VNFs. There is also a badge available for verified labs. 

Anuket now builds on the work of OVP by developing conformance for the Reference Model and Reference Architecture requirements. Working in collaboration with the CNCF Telcom User Group and CNF Working Group, Anuket is working to launch a CNF Badge (based on RA-2) and the program will be rebranded in 1H2021. See the Roadmap below for more information.